Yahoo Email Archiving

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To move emails out of the inbox in Yahoo Mail, you must delete them or move them to a specified folder. There is no equivalent to the Gmail archiving feature that moves messages from the inbox to a general pool of archived emails. By creating your own custom folders, you can organize your incoming messages and keep your inbox clean and manageable.

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Create Folders

After connecting to Yahoo Mail, click “Folders” to create new folders for archiving messages. Click the icon showing a plus symbol on a folder shape and provide a name for each folder you want to create. You may have separate files for projects, clients, clients and internal staff communications, for example. Click the mail envelope icon to return to the inbox.

Archiving Emails

There are several ways to send e-mail from the inbox to the folders you have configured. You can open an email and choose “Move” and choose a folder; you can select multiple messages using the checkboxes and then open the “Move” menu; or you can select multiple messages and drag them into one of the folders listed on the left (click “Folders” to bring up the list). Messages moved to folders disappear from the Inbox and can only be stored in a folder.

How do you archive Yahoo! Mail on your hard drive?

The user can easily create a Yahoo email backup on his external hard drive by following the easy step that the user can create. Use an email client like Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, and so on. They can be configured to download a copy of your messages without deleting them from the server.

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There are many free e-mail clients available and additionally the e-mail clients inherent in different variants of Windows. You can then save the mailbox file to another media to keep a backup marked by your messages.

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