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One of the advantages that Samsung’s wearables have over the competition is Spotify, which gives it access to the most popular music service in the world. If you are a Premium user, you can stream via Wi-Fi. You can also save your music on your Gear Fit2 Pro for offline playback. Get your music, indeed.

GoPro shutter

In adventure and want a simple way to record your great kayak race? Download the GoPro Shutter and get ready to remotely start your GoPro recording. This unofficial app is also compatible with all GoPro’s as early as the Hero3.


One of the crown jewels of the Under Armor suite, MapMyRun allows you to track your runs with the Gear Fit2 Pro integrated GPS. You will also get statistics like your heart rate and your heart rate. There are also challenges you can go into when you need a little more motivation.

Speedo on

The best apps and dials from Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro

In our experience, the integrated swim tracking of the Gear Fit2 Pro is not the best. Fortunately, the application of Speedo takes the relay pretty well. You’ll get instant measurements from your swim directly on your wrist, and you’ll even have access to time trials to track your progress. And do not worry, there is a swim lock mode that prevents water from accidentally turning off your session or opening another application.


Lifesum is already one of the best health apps, and its Fit2 Pro Gear edition is just beautiful to use. You can add food and water to your wrist. It will also tell you how your energy is for the day.

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Personal Coach Pear

Pear is all about audio coaching your fitness, and Pear for Fit2 Gear Pro will allow you to keep your phone at home. If you sign up for Pear’s subscription service, you’ll also have access to hundreds of workouts, from HIIT to treadmill to yoga. Everything is there, and everything is in your ear if you get a good pair of Bluetooth headphones.

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