Lords Mobile vs. Game of War

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In case you are among the many who have downloaded and installed Lords Mobile, Clash of Clans or Game of War, it makes sense that you are wondering which one is the best. Admittedly, this refers to the point of view, because any form of “testimony” is individual. However, I have a broader answer – it’s definitely Clash of Clans. Yet with a few precautions regarding the style in its entirety.

All games are basic army training simulators that belong to a whole new era of RTS-type mobile games that were very popular on PCs. This new style of mobile version has developed a gameplay that is played with hours or days, not seconds or minutes. A huge aspect of the money making system is getting players to pay real-world money to speed up these extended delay timers, and also acquire even more resources that allow for more buildings and construction.

The games begin with slightly dressed personalities who educate you on what to do next, consisting of the requirement to “build a farm” and “update your castle”. It tends to be basic in this style of mobile games. From there, tutorials provide guidance on how to play, consisting of an assault on some AI communities with low pressure, showing you a small preference for fighting.

The real fights themselves are pretty good enough; with some wonderful aesthetic results. The problem with Lords Mobile is that you do not really participate in the battle. You can manage the instructions that the camera manages during the fight. However, on top of that, you just have to relax and watch the fight happen. It is very clear that this is likely to win because of the tensing force of the armed forces near the bottom. It’s just taking advantage of your army’s damage on the opponent’s surface until it falls. A short and uncomfortable break; after that, you fight the remaining soldiers.
Despite the fact that a satisfactory aesthetic experience is very important for mobile games like this, it should be absolutely wonderful if you could participate in the incredible fights that were taking place right in front of you. But, if you are offered the opportunity to waste your time participating in Clash of Clans or Game of War, the first is bearable as well as in many pleasant cases, while the other is just rude. At the very least in other mobile games with sane style, they hide the fight through digit displays as well as combat records – in Lords Mobile it seems like you’re teased with the opportunity to do face an awesome fight, just to realize that the possibility is removed.

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