Costa Rica Scholarships program For Students

Costa Rica Scholarships program For Students
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Costa Rica Scholarships program For Students – The education has become one of the major concerns of the government as well as society. If you are passionate about pursuing an educational program then financial constraint should not impede your way.

Costa Rica Scholarships  program For Students

Several universities’ grant competitive international scholarships to Costa Rica students who reveal academic excellence and are in financial need.

These Costa Rica scholarships mentioned here cover travelling costs, accommodation, living expenses, tuition fees as well as subsistence costs. Facts about the Costa Rica scholarships is accessible at this platform for the current academic year.

Below is the list showcasing different Costa Rica scholarships and financial assistance offered by various sponsors.

Know about Education in Costa Rica

Higher educational institutions in Costa Rica fall into several categories: state universities, private universities, and parauniversities, both state and private.

In the category of state institutions there are four primary universities: the University of Costa Rica, established in 1940, with its central campus in San Jose and regional campuses in Guanacaste, San Ramon, Turrialba, and Limon; the National University, established in 1973, with a central campus in Heredia and regional campuses in Perez, Zeledon, and Liberia; and the State University at Distance, distance education established in 1977 with a central campus in San Jose and 31 satellite branches.

There is also the Technical Institute of San Jose, established in 1973.

Applicants to the University of Costa Rica and the Technological Institute of Costa Rica are required to pass an entrance exam. Some fields have additional special requirements.

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There are five public universities in Costa Rica and several private universities

Public universities offer degree programs according to their specialty and by law, and manage their own central and regional campus. By Costa Rican law, two different public universities may not offer the same degree program.

Tuition fee in Costa Rica

The University of Costa Rica, which offers more than 100 undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, is Costa Rica’s highest ranking public university. Tuition costs about $80 per credit hour for undergraduates, and $140 for graduate students, plus miscellaneous fees of around $100 per year.

Below are the exhaustive list of Costa Rica Scholarships which could provide you with profitable prospects that will help you support and achieve your academic pursuits in the country.

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In our site, many scholarships at various levels are available for you and we invite you to explore this opportunities and fulfill your dreams.


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