Colorado Universities Offer Scholarships

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Colorado Universities Offer Scholarships to International Students

Finding the money to attend college or university can be quite a struggle, especially for international students. That’s why it is by far one of the most popular questions on : where can I find scholarships for international students? We will be answering that popular question every Tuesday by posting schools that offer scholarships to international students like Colorado Universities.

Colorado Universities Offer Scholarships to International Students

University of Denver

University of Denver offers undergraduate international students merit-based scholarships. First year freshman students and transfer students are eligible for scholarships. SAT or ACT scores are required to be considered for scholarships. There is no separate application process and all applicants are considered. In addition to the general scholarships, they also offer two other scholarships for students focusing on music or athletics. For more information about scholarships at the University of Denver, click here


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University of Bridgeport – English Language Institute

University of Bridgeport offers undergraduate and graduate scholarships to international students. They offer three different scholarship opportunities for incoming freshman. International students are automatically considered for the general scholarship that awards partial scholarships to students based on academic merit. For more information about scholarships at University of Bridgeport, click here.

Secondary Programs in Connecticut

Marianapolis Preparatory School

Marianapolis Preparatory School offers financial assistance and scholarship opportunities to international students. The Trinity Foundation offers 10 four-year scholarships: one full scholarship, three half-tuition scholarships, and six quarter-tuition scholarships. Scholarships are awarded to students who show academic excellence, high entrance exam score and teacher recommendations. To find out more about scholarships at Marianapolis Preparatory School, click here.

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The Saint Thomas More School

The Saint Thomas More School offers a select number of scholarships that are available to international students. Students who qualify can apply to four different memorial scholarships. These scholarships are available to students who display academic excellence, leadership, and fine moral character. For more information about scholarships at The Saint Thomas More School, click here.


University of Canada – English Language Institute

University of Delaware – English Language Institute (ELI) offers international students partial scholarships each session. Students will have to meet eligibility requirements to be considered. In addition, the ideal candidate for receiving a scholarship will have high grades in their ELI courses, a strong teacher recommendation, participation in ELI activities and have engaged in campus activities, among other traits and criteria. For more information on scholarships at University of Delaware – English Language Institute, click here.

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