Cameron Impact Scholarship Details and Information

Cameron Impact Scholarship-2020 Details and Information
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Paying for college isn’t always easy, but for hardworking and dedicated students, there are scholarship opportunities that can lessen that burden. The Cameron Impact Scholarship is a great example. It offers a full ride scholarship that will significantly reduce the strain of paying for a higher education for any student who meets the qualifications.

Learn more about this scholarship and the foundation behind it to get a better idea of whether you would qualify for it. Also, learn how to apply and where to find the application.

Bryan cameron education foundation - Cameron Impact Scholarship

About the Bryan Cameron Education Foundation

Bryan Cameron founded the Bryan Cameron Education Foundation in 2015. He wanted to provide an investment in the education of young people just as people had helped him with his education. The goal of this private, family organization is to impact students in a way that allows them to reach educational and professional goals. The Foundation focuses on finding leaders who have proven achievement in public service and academics and who want to help others and make the world a better place.

Cameron Impact Scholarship Details

This scholarship is a four-year, full-tuition award based on merit. It is an undergraduate scholarship for high school students entering college. Students may apply for this annual award to receive it in December. There are 10 to 15 winners each year. The intention is for the scholarship money to cover all tuition and related educational expenses for the winners at an estimated award amount of $20,000 to $50,000 per year.

While anyone can apply for the Cameron Impact Scholarship, the Foundation does reserve 25 percent of the scholarships for students who wish to work in public service, the military, the government, nonprofits, or education.

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To be eligible to apply, students need to have a grade point average of at least 3.7 and be a U.S. citizen. Students must have participated in community service and other civic-minded activities, along with a variety of extracurricular activities. They must also show they are leaders. Relatives or those with pre-existing relationships with any members of the Bryan Cameron Education Foundation staff are not eligible.

How to apply

Students must submit the Cameron Impact Scholarship application before the deadline, both of which can be found on the Bryan Cameron Education Foundation website. Along with the application, a student must provide a transcript and two letters of recommendation. Applications must be complete as incomplete applications are not considered.

The application asks for personal information, such as name and address, along with information about the student’s high school and education. Forms cannot be saved and returned to later, so students should plan to complete the entire application in one sitting.

Final Words on the Cameron Impact Scholarship

This is an excellent scholarship for someone who is a top student but struggles with the financial aspects of going to college. It recognizes the hard work of a student and offers a chance to relieve the majority if not all of the costs of a college education. Students who qualify are urged to take advantage of and apply for this scholarship.

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