Abroad Summer Work Programs For Students

Abroad Summer Work Programs For Students
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Hey mom and dad, I’m ditching Canada from May till next semester. Will text you from my gig in Japan or Austria.

Hasta la vista, Mommy and Poppa. I’m jetting off to work in Costa Rica this summer. Or to bake pastries in France. An Aussie alligator farm job? It’s a real thing.

Abroad Summer Work Programs For Students

See, I love you and all, but you’re not the boss of me anymore. May through August is my time. Don’t worry, I signed up for a service our government says is legit. They’ll kind of look after me.

Just wanted to give you some details (since I’ll be hitting you up for airfare, visa application fee, and pocket money – respect my independence).

I’ll Be Raking In Coin And Seeing The World
Remember you told me to get lost this summer? Thanks for saying it a million times. Turns out that since I’m over 18, but not a geriatric 30-year-old, I qualify for a “working holiday” abroad.

It falls under something called International Experience Canada (IEC). They’re besties with 30 other countries. I can get a temporary work permit and visa easier through them. That’ll let me gain gigs overseas to pay part of my trip.

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No need to find a job in advance. I can work for just about any employer in the country lucky enough to host me. Like, Down Under pays minimum 17.70 Australian loonies hourly. In your face, cheapo Canada!

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My Travel Partner’s Connected
Though I’ll be skipping town solo, the work-travel program I booked with has my back. Only two are recognized by our Department of Foreign Affairs. One’s called Student Work Abroad Program (SWAP). The other is Go International.

With them, I can trek glam or barebones. At minimum, they give pre-departure prep, arrival orientation, and visa advice. Also, once I land they set me up with a SIM, local bank account, tax file processing, mail drop, and travellers discount card. Assistance with finding a place to stay and work too, duh.

If I pay the extra cash, they’ll treat me like an Instagram celeb. Guaranteed job. Organized site seeing. A flat to rest my bones. BTW, they make us shell out upfront for all the above. Thought you might gift me this dough for not failing chemistry again.

I Could Teach English In An Elephant Village!
Picture me in India. Showing kids how to speak and spill spell just like I do. Then we pat pachyderms. In New-Zealand, I could hone my ranching skills. No doubt you’ll be thrilled I can work in a UK pub. So many benefits!

Remember Lucinda? She signed as an au pair in France. Julio wants Costa Rican tourism. We’ll be busy building character internationally. You get peace and quiet.

Got My Ducks In A Row
Valid passport? Check. Medical insurance and “support funds” host countries demand? Waiting for your bank e-transfer. Can’t go meet a summer cutie broke.

One last note. My roomie’s a no-go after getting caught with those pre-legal joints. A record with the cops killed that visa. Me, I’m all good. My stash was tucked deep in my hollowed textbooks. Love Ya!

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