5 Ways to Get Free Data Wifi Bundle In Your Android Laptop and iPhone

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As you probably already know, cell phone mobile data doesn’t come cheap.

And in today’s technological era, everything runs on data, from watching Netflix movies to your favorite Youtubers.  It’s not hard to eat up a gigabyte of data in less than an hour.

Now, I already wrote about the many ways you can get the Internet for free, but in this post, I wanted to write about the 100% legitimate ways to get your mobile data for free with NO strings attached.

But before I get started, do keep in mind that while some of these options are, indeed, free, you will still be limited as to how much data you can truly use.

Regardless, these are some services you may want to try out to get your mobile data for free.

How to Get Free Mobile Data

FreedomPop has been around for quite some time and offers 100% free mobile phone data and even high-speed internet services.  Yes, it is 100% free and is not spammy in any way, I can assure you that much.

First, to see if you can take advantage of free mobile data, the company first wants you to see if your location qualifies by inputting your zip code and street address.

And if you qualify, you can select from a variety of free service options, including free mobile phone data, “on the go” internet or even 4G LTE data.

There are no contracts, no commitment and you can cancel at any time, so even if you’re hesitant, you can test it out for a month to see if it works for you.

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Now, here’s how it would work if you were interested in free mobile data.

For one, you can purchase a phone directly from FreedomPop, which can cost anywhere from $79 for an Android-based phone to more than $369 for an iPhone.  This would all depend on which phone you want to buy, just as if you were purchasing one in store.

Once you buy the phone, you can then choose one of the plans I note below, but do keep in mind that a phone is not necessary to use the service.

If you don’t want to buy a phone, that’s okay as well because you can choose a sim card, but if you do choose this option you MUST have an unlocked GSM AT&T or  T-Mobile phone.  A sim card is free, but there can be a cost.  I will talk about this next.

In the case of LTE data for a wireless internet sim card, the company does state that it’s compatible with most unlocked GSM phones, tablets and hotspots.  This essentially acts as a wireless Internet router.

Now, I already know what you’re thinking…

This is TOO good to be true and in a sense, it kind of is, but you can get free mobile data, but you need to know the restrictions.

For the sim cards, if you inserted the said sim card into your phone, you need to choose from a variety of plans to start using the data:

  • 200 MB of data, 200 minutes and 500 texts:  FREE
  • 2GB LTE data, unlimited minutes, unlimited texts:  $24.99/mo (free trial for the first month)
  • 3GB LTE data, unlimited minutes, unlimited texts:  $29.99/mo
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