2020 Alibaba Entrepreneur Training Program for Young Entrepreneurs in Ethiopia

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Several businesses in Ethiopia still use analog means to run. This is the reason why most countries in Africa like Ethiopia is still developing. The application process for the Alibaba Netpreneur Training Program in Ethiopia 2020 is now open. Actually, this program will help entrepreneurs and business owners in Ethiopia to positively change their businesses and the local economy using digital technology.

 2020 Alibaba Entrepreneur Training Program for Young Entrepreneurs in Ethiopia

Are you a business owner in Ethiopia? Are you looking for ways to make more profit and take that business to a higher level? Be happy because the Alibaba Netpreneur training for entrepreneurs in Ethiopia has come to help out.

About the Alibaba Netpreneur Training Program Ethiopia 2020

However, the Alibaba Business School organizes a 10-day program at Alibaba headquarters in Hangzhou, China. Actually, the purpose of this is to get young business owners that will build strong businesses in Ethiopia that will make the country grow.

Also, the Alibaba Netpreneur training program will give resources to entrepreneurs and business leaders in Ethiopia. Actually, these resources will help them to learn and inspect how digital technology can be used to turn their companies and the local economy in a positive way.

Eligibility for the Alibaba Netpreneur Training Program Ethiopia 2020

The requirements for the Alibaba Netpreneur training for Ethiopian young entrepreneurs are:

  • Firstly, the applicant MUST be a founder/co-founder or business owner of an officially registered business that has been in operation for at least 2 years.
  • Secondly, entrepreneurs and business leaders below the age of 45 years, female entrepreneurs and Ethiopian business owners should apply for this Alibaba Netpreneur training.
  • Furthermore, the applicant must provide at least 1 referral in his/her application (referrals from a partner/organizer are preferred).
  • Next, you will have to provide your official business license when requested during the application process.
  • Also, the applicant for the Alibaba Netpreneur training must speak fluent English.
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Benefits of the Alibaba Netpreneur training for Ethiopian Entrepreneurs

Well, participants of this Netpreneur training will learn:

  • Firstly, the basic understanding of how new technology and abilities of a digital economy to enable national development. However, these include failures, mistakes, and the best practices through testimonies from the business leaders and founders of Alibaba.
  • Secondly, proper understanding into the growth of Alibaba’s environment within an internal setting.
  • Furthermore, key teachings from local businesses from a wide range of industries in China that passed through digital transformation.
  • Also, field trips and discussions with leading businesses within Alibaba’s environment to give first-hand awareness into current innovations.
  • Finally, the basis of tactical thinking that will allow someone to make improvements in his/her business, environment or industry.

The Costs of the Alibaba Netpreneur Training Program

However, the training will cover the following costs:

  • Firstly, training Cost
  • Secondly, the Alibaba Netpreneur training will cover the hotel accommodation (shared room) for the participants.
  • Also, the program will cover the costs for the participant’s field trip and site visit transportation.
  • Finally, there will be allowances for breakfast (included in the hotel), lunch and dinner daily.

In contrast, the training will not cover:

  • Cost of Air tickets and transportation/pick-up services within Hangzhou, China.
  • Also, the cost of single hotel room requests. Well, if you wish like to stay in a single room, you will be responsible for the payment.
  • Finally, the cost of extra food or personal expenses.

NOTE: The program will run from March 15 – March 25, 2020.

How to apply for the Alibaba Netpreneur Ethiopia Program 2020

Actually, the applications for the Alibaba Netpreneur training program is online. So, just click on the button below and follow instructions to fill the form. After that, submit the application.

Deadline for the Alibaba Netpreneur Training for Young Entrepreneurs in Ethiopia

In fact, the deadline for the Alibaba Netpreneur training program for young entrepreneurs in Ethiopia is by January 19, 2020. So, do well to apply immediately

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can more than one founder/co-founder from one firm apply and join the Alibaba Netpreneur training program?

Actually, more than one founder/co-founder from a business venture can apply. But due to limited positions in the program, only one founder/co-founder from each company can be taken.

When should I arrive in Hangzhou for the program? What is the earliest I can leave Hangzhou after the program?

Honestly, you will be need to check into the hotel on 15th of March 2020. However, the program will start on the morning of 16th of March (Monday). Also, the program will close finally around 21:00 pm on 25th of February. So, the earliest you can leave Hangzhou is the evening of 25th March.

Where will I stay during the program?

Well, organizers of the Alibaba Netpreneur program will provide shared rooms in Mulian Hotel close to Alibaba Xixi Headquarters Campus.
Address of Mulian Hotel: No. 998 Wenyi West Road, Yuhang District, Hangzhou, China ( Chinese version: 中国浙江省杭州市余杭区文一西路998号浙江海创园2号楼)

Where on the online form should I upload my business registration?

You do not need to upload your business registration for the online application. But, you may be asked to provide a business license during the interview session.

Can the founder of a company send a representative to attend the program?

The program is designed for founders, co-founders or business owners. However, the representative maybe considered if he or she is one of the founders or business owners in the company. For example, if the business is a family business, and the son/daughter is actively managing the company, he or she can also apply. But the representative must submit his/her own application and be interviewed in order to attend.

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